Your Complete Medical Billing Solution


Specialized Medical Billing has a hands on approach that allows you and your staff to focus on practicing medicine while our staff handles your extensive medical billing needs. Holly Steinbach, President of SMB, has over 25 years of Medical Billing experience. Our clients range from Solo Physicians to large Multi-Specialty Practices. According to the AMA, it costs approximately 10% of an average medical practice’s income to process the medical billing in house. In addition, a typical medical billing service charges between 7-10%. SMB has broken the cost barrier by charging a flat rate of 7% of collected amount with an all-inclusive service that contains no hidden fees or charges. All staff members are highly qualified and knowledgeable of all aspects of the medical billing process. SMB and its staff members are kept up to date on the latest Medicare and coding revisions. Each client is designated a Physician Representative that will be available to answer all of your questions and concerns. Specialized Medical Billing can service any group or solo medical practice throughout the United States.