Your Complete Medical Billing Solution


"It's with great pleasure and conscious to write a testimonial supporting Specialized Medical Billing (SMB).

Being a solo medical specialist is particularly cumbersome working outside the confines of a large medical practice with a staff of in house medical billing and coding .My professional relationship working with Specialized Medical Billing has been for the past three years. I arrive at the following verifiable conclusions:

  • The service and staff is readily available from as early as 8:00am to 6:00 pm daily,Monday thru Friday. The office is staffed with a team of billing and coding specialists, where if needed to be reached outside these hours, are just a phone call away.
  • A very affable staff who are both knowledgeable and competent with all aspects of surgical and non surgical medical coding. In fact, SMB competence in ICD 10 compliance has been well established during the fall of 2014. This was in preparation for the original start date of ICD 10 coding. Thus we have had no delay in payment from clearing houses.
  • Predictable,consistent, timely, and competent follow through with questions regarding billing and coding. Answers to questions regarding Insurance Explanation Of Benefits (EOB)
  • A proven ability of SMB to work harmoniously with physician office staff and/ or spouses employed as managers of the physician practice.
  • Weekly billing statement pickup and delivery at medical practice / physician office .
  • Bilingual competency of office staff conversing with patients who are Spanish speaking only.
  • A billing and collection percentage fee competitive and below national market value.
  • SMB provides monthly aging reports and accounts receivable reports.
With the rapidly changing environment and regulations regarding physician practices, SMB has allowed me to focus my attention on patient care- not tedious and inordinate time consuming phone calls to insurance companies .

I therefore unconditionally recommend SMB services for physician medical practices. Please feel free to contact me if I may clarify or answer any questions regarding Specialized Medical Billing."
Dr. Jeffrey I. Ender
Board Certified Fellowship Trained Pediatric Anesthesiologist